Thursday, June 26, 2014

तुमको न भूल पाएंगे ....

केदारनाथ हादसे में  माता -पिता को खो देने पर बेटी ने भावनाएं यूं व्यक्त की -

Dear Mummyji & Papaji

Today,you are being missed, even more for & have to do what you were here's for ..

I am not that big nor that strong , to hold upon to what you thought ..

My legs are weak & tremble nou & then, for I am afraid , to justfy your trend..

God took you apart, from us your lonely kids, And left us alone , to cry, struggle & live..

I am still small and want you to guide, for all steps I take, for all that I make ..

But I know, I am alone, without you to guide , for I have to stand and hold up your child's..

I pray you, plz guide me , to the right path that's for us , for though you are not here , I need your blessings..

Oh! dear Mummyji- Papaji , you are being missed......

- पल्लवी चावजी धार्वे